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Please, Ma´am: Erotic Stories of Male Submissio...
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Men are the ones gifted with all sorts of power in our society, but a dirty little secret is that so many of them long to strip themselves of this power, to be tied down, gagged, spanked, taken, owned. They want to ease the burdens of manliness, if only for a little while, to be ´´ordered´´ to do all the naughty things they´ve dreamed of. Please, Ma´am shows some of the tantalizing possibilities out there for sniveling men and the women who love them. Best-selling erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has gathered together top voices in the genre, including D. L. King, Charlotte Stein, Graydancer, and many more. In Please, Ma´am, men willingly submit to the deliciously dominant women who entertain their deepest desires and give them the treatment they crave. Table of contents: Introduction ´´I Live to Serve´´ by Teresa Noelle Roberts ´´It´s Not Me, It´s You´´ by Charlotte Stein ´´A Charmed Life´´ by Isabelle Gray ´´A Maze, and Grace´´ by Elizabeth Coldwell ´´Inside the Pride´´ by Remittance Girl ´´Modern Major General´´ by Craig J. Sorensen ´´Mr. February´´ by Madeline Elayne ´´Frozen´´ by A.D.R. Forte ´´Thrift Store Whore´´ by Sommer Marsden ´´Porch Swing´´ by Dominic Santi ´´Paypig´´ by Michael Hemmingson ´´The Crack of the Bat´´ by Heidi Champa ´´Dressing for Dinner´´ by Giselle Renarde ´´Living Rough´´ by Ariel Graham ´´Pick a Color´´ by D.L. King ´´Houseboy´´ by Rachel Kramer Bussel ´´The Unhappy Table´´ by Lee Ash ´´I´ll Do It. For Her.´´ by Graydancer 1. Language: English. Narrator: Claire Fredericks. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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