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Erotic Stories of the Widow Witch - Romance Ero...
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Domination, Submission, Tentacle, Animal Pet, First Time Female Lover, Menage a Trois...Have you ever wanted to lend yourself to the forbidden temptation? Have you ever wanted to dip into your hottest erotic dreams and into your wildest erotic fantasies? Well, you’ll find it here!Warning: No taboos. The book contains sexual content forbidden for people under the age of 18. For adults only!Get ready to step into the erotic world of Alaira. What you’ll find here are adventures and intrigues, sorcerers and magic animals, and certainly the hottest erotic caprices and fancies you could ever imagine!Morwenna, known as Mora for short, was once an average woman who found the love of her life in a man named Jax. Jax and Mora could not have been happier together, but then one day, her old life was stolen away from her, and she found herself initiated in a trial that only the most perverse and erotic are capable of traveling. What Mora never knew about herself was that it was her destiny to become a witch of both magic and sex! After learning this discovery, a new path opened up before her, and nothing would ever be the same again.If you are ready to hear about a witchy woman who treads a path where absolutely no perversion is off limits, then get ready to become better acquainted with Mora. Be forewarned though, Mora’s story is not just erotic and sensual but extreme as well. Only the most open-minded and mature of individuals should take a walk with Mora. Don’t say you weren’t warned.Some of the erotic adventures that Mora is just dying to share with you are:How she met her first female loverHow she learned to make love to the plant life of AlairaHer sexual battle against a maniacal sorcerer and his sexy young studentA romantic carriage ride shared with two youths that are soon to be wedA shameless debauch and raunchy bisexual orgy that no man or women 1. Language: English. Narrator: Anne Rollins. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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