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Submission: Cherie Feather

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Getting Hers: Getting It On & Getting Complete ...
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It´s time we women got ours. Don´t you agree?A treat for every taste, a delicious morsel for every inclination, awaits in this anthology collection of erotica for women. You´ll find your personal favorites - and be inspired with new fantasies - in this erotica box set by author Cheri Lille packed with a rewarding total of 11 short stories designed to turn you on.Catching a QuickieDevilishly satisfying erotic stories designed to touch your sweet spot.His ToyThe joys of being his toy are endlessly fulfilling, both in surrender and submission and delicious dominance.These women are more than willing, undeniably eager, and even audacious in their sexual comfort and confidence, each playing the role of the perfect partner in their own unique ways. Peeking into the bedrooms of three distinctly different relationships treats you to a voyeur´s view of hot, impromptu role-play, first-time experiences, the granting of the ultimate sensual gifts, and an authentic sense of sexual adventure.Laundry DayWho says a sexy, sizzling afternoon can´t develop from an utterly awkward, incredibly embarrassing moment? Even on laundry day. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Fonda Lee, Lia Langola, Sierra Kline. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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